[Phamm] Modifying phamm for multi-mailstorage servers ?

Christoph Adomeit Christoph.Adomeit at gatworks.de
Fri Apr 17 17:42:09 CEST 2009


I am implementing a mail infrastructure with multiple hosts for
mailstorage, which means that mailboxes for domain a and b will 
reside on Server mail1 and domain c might reside on server mail2.

The customers will have a single server for fetching mail when we use
perdition as pop and imap proxy.

I would like very much to use phamm as a tool for managing the ldap

Basically I only need 1 more Attribute "mailHost" or "mailStorageserver" 
in phamms ldap schema for the class VirtualDomain. I could modify the 
schema and the xml-file myself just for this 1 field but then I would 
have compatibility issues with all future versions of phamm. 

Is it possible to add that Attribute to phamms standard schema or could
we reserve an OID for this parameter ?

Am i the only phamm user with the need of this Attribute ?


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