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Thu Jan 20 00:00:24 CET 2005

Il giorno mer, 19-01-2005 alle 17:31 +0000, alan walters ha scritto:
> More information on ldap and pure ftpd and proftpd.
> The idea of the perl script to allow postmaster access to dns could also
> be applied to ftp if we wanted to. So getting this right is a good idea.
> I will have a look at the proftpd schema tonight and see if it is the
> same as pure ftpd. I think it is. Also over the next couple of days I
> will get all my configuration files together for 
> pdns
> pureftpd
> to allow for a review of the link to the ldap for those files.
I am waiting for this :)
I need to learn more
I hope that the ftp schema is the same so we can use the service that

> Any thoughts on the inetorgperson idea. I would like to build this into
> the web interface, but my php sucks. Would like to add a tab with the
> information on the person if it is needed. 
> This would allow for clients to be administered correctly and contact
> details to be available for them if there was a problem.
> Maybe a private address book from the source.
This could be a new tab for every dn in the tree, I think.
To better understand the schema that I have posted here, I will try to
do a little schema of the interaction of the dn.

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