alan walters alan at
Wed Jan 19 18:25:19 CET 2005

How about adding an acl line each time a new postmaster is added,
something like
by dn="mail=postmaster at example.tld,jvd=example.tld,dc=example,dc=tld"

so you would have 

access to dn=".*,ou=dns,dc=example,dc=tld"
        by anonymous auth
        by dn="cn=master,cn=$1,ou=dns,dc=example,dc=tld" write
dn="mail=postmaster at example.tld,jvd=example.tld,dc=example,dc=tld"write
	  by dn="cn=dnsldap,ou=dns,dc=example,dc=tld" read
        by * none

if you want to send the tar that would be get. If we could get perl
script or bash script(I think perl would be good for this of adding and
deleting the postmaster account from the acls) then that would work
would it not.

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