[Phamm] Some questions!

Han78 a gmx.de Han78 a gmx.de
Gio 1 Dic 2005 10:24:03 CET

Hello phamm community!

I've got few questions concerning some of the meanings of phamm options:

1) When i login to phamm, i first see a list of all domains, phamm is
Here: mydomain.com    130/10    138/20   12.6 GB   250 B   [x]  [x]

Ok, second value is number of accounts and third is number of aliases. But
what does the value mean after the slashes, here 10 and 20???

What does the value mean ("250 B")) after the sum of all quotas???

2) When i click on my domain, i get a list of all mails and aliases. What
does the value "SMTP" on the last column effect, if i turn it on or off???

3) What effect has the option "catch all" in the domain mask?

Thanks for answering. I couldnt find any answers on phamm.org and on your
wiki, so i ask here. Sorry!


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