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Fri Aug 20 15:11:53 CEST 2004

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>I'm currently implementing Jamm.
we too!
now Phamm is only a develop version
you can add domains and mails but not modify there

there is not authentification,
you can use Phamm protected by htaccess or in local

our goal is to have Phamm usable before December 2004
and then using Phamm well be very simple and speeding
for slow machines because will not required java and tomcat

>A very good caracteristic of Phamm (at my sense) is that it is based on 
>the same LDAP schema as Jamm.
>This will make the switch easy when Phamm will be mature enough for my 
>use (Mail hosting platform).
>Please remain schema compatible with Jamm as long as you can, and long 
>life to Phamm !
if you see in phamm/schema directory we use ISPEnv2.schema  and jamm.schema
we consider jamm.schema very good, so we will continuing using jamm.schema
now we add some features (Vacations specially) using ISPEnv2.schema

Alessandro De Zorzi

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