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phamm at phamm at
Fri Aug 20 14:48:52 CEST 2004

I'm currently implementing Jamm.
I would like to know the differences between Jamm and Phamm at this 
Surely if Phamm implements all Jamm functionnalities plus quotas (wich 
is planned for next Jamm release), I'll switch to Phamm because:
Easier for me:
	* since i'm working on MacOSX platform, PHP/Apache is already present, 
i'd have no need to install Tomcat
	* Since Phamm is PHP written, i got the necessary knowledge to tune it.
A very good caracteristic of Phamm (at my sense) is that it is based on 
the same LDAP schema as Jamm.
This will make the switch easy when Phamm will be mature enough for my 
use (Mail hosting platform).
Please remain schema compatible with Jamm as long as you can, and long 
life to Phamm !


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